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School Bond Measures – Parcel Tax Measures – Sales Tax Measures – Public Information Campaigns


California’s leading revenue measure strategy and communications consulting firm.

We’ve passed over 430 successful bond and tax measures, providing more than $20 billion in voter-approved funding for facility and infrastructure improvements and quality public services in California.

Building Public Consensus in Communities Throughout California and the Nation

Successful revenue measures are built upon a foundation of strong community consensus. We work with our clients to identify shared community priorities and values in order to identify the elements of a successful revenue proposal. We have built community consensus for revenue measures in hundreds of communities throughout our home state of California and many communities across the country. We know how to develop successful revenue proposals and communicate with voters in urban, suburban and rural communities.

Unmatched Experience and Success

With experience on nearly 500 successful revenue measures, Props and Measures has helped develop and pass virtually all types of revenue measures including bonds, parcel taxes, sales taxes, transient occupancy taxes (TOTs), utility taxes (UUTs), community facility districts (CFDs), assessments and user fees. We are proud to maintain a success rate of over 90%.

Customized Approach

We don’t apply a “cookie-cutter” approach to our projects. While we have a proven approach to revenue measures generally, the specific recipe never looks the same given that the nature of the community and set of circumstances always vary. We work in partnership with our clients to carefully assess the unique political environment develop a plan to navigate the unique challenges for each measure.

Today’s Communication Tools

Strong revenue measures require that the public understands your needs and the merits of your revenue proposal. To ensure your message reaches the full array of stakeholders and decision makers we rely on a blend of digital media like social media and online advertising as well as traditional communication channels like print media, direct mail and earned media.

Capacity to Serve You

All qualified political firms are busy in an election year. What sets us apart is the deep team of professionals and specialists available to ensure your project receives the service and expertise needed for success. Starting with our firm’s practicing client service partners, each with decades of experience on successful revenue measures, we offer unmatched senior strategic leadership for your project. The partners are supported by the largest, most experienced  and most thoroughly trained staff in our industry to ensure strategies are executed according to plan. For example, we are one of the only firms in our industry that maintains an in-house graphic design department and production coordination team to ensure your messaging materials are of the highest quality and carefully developed to resonate with your community.

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