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School Bond Measures – Parcel Tax Measures – Sales Tax Measures – Public Information Campaigns


We have a proven general approach to revenue measures that follows five critical steps. Within each step, we customize a set of strategies and tactics to address the specific challenges, circumstances and nuances for each of our projects.

Process graphic 2.png

STEP 1: Feasibility study to determine if and under what conditions your agency can pass a local funding measure.

STEP 2: Build consensus with outreach and awareness-building strategies that position your measure for success.

STEP 3: Build a strong measure by aligning the measure’s features with the community’s priorities and sensitivities.

STEP 4: Campaign for the win by efficiently getting your message out to persuade voters and mobilize your base of support.

STEP 5: Bridge to the next election by continuing positive and transparent community dialogue about how voter-approved funding is being utilized.

The first three steps in this process are typically led by the public agency pursuing the revenue measure as part of the process to evaluate, plan and prepare a measure for the ballot. All publicly-funded communication during this phase must be informational and not advocacy. The fourth step in the process, once a measure is on the ballot, must be coordinated by an independent campaign community using private resources. The fifth and final step may be coordinated by the public agency to facilitate ongoing communication and updates for the public.

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