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Today, when so many voices rise up together for change, we see a historical chance to build stronger communities.


We believe in the power of communities coming together and becoming stronger, because we’ve seen it happen, up close, hundreds of times, in campaign after campaign.


We’re proud to do the work we do at Props & Measures, because we’re passionate about helping communities create a better future for all.


We know California is strong enough to overcome racism, division, mistrust and hatred.


At a time when peaceful protesters rise up and call for everyone to acknowledge that Black Lives Matter, it’s time to listen, take better care of each other, and change our communities for the better.


It’s time to build a stronger sense of community and trust in one another. 


It’s time to take action.


At Props & Measures, we’ve taken time to consult with our staff, colleagues and others to find the right course of action for our organization.


We hope our actions will inspire and support our colleagues, clients and friends from all corners of California, regardless of party affiliation or background.


We’re all united by our shared desire for and belief in a better future.


We’re taking the following actions to help heal and strengthen California and our nation:


Creation of the Social Justice and Inclusion Committee which is comprised of staff and management of Props and Measures to bring broader ideas and new perspectives to the table and to begin to move the dial to be more inclusive as a firm.


Establishing a formal pro bono program by our firm to support organizations committed to racial justice, inclusion and stronger communities. We have already begun outreach to offer aid. If you know of an organization in need of pro bono assistance from Props & Measures, please let us know.


Each member of our team will get an additional day off per month to volunteer for a cause of their choice.


We are committed to supporting organizations that are taking on causes in our communities. Our most recent donation was to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund. If you would like to join us in donating, click here.


Finally, we are committed to further improving and expanding our corporate commitment to inclusion, in partnership with our staff, by looking at all the ways we create opportunities in-house and do business. We know real change begins at home.

A better future is out there for all of us. If we come together, we will claim it.

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